Level test

The Master Degree in Medical Biotechnologies requires some basic skills, with a particular focus on biology, biotechnologies and, more in general, health sciences knowledge. In fact, the course is based on several interdisciplinary programs, which require basic  skills with biological sciences.

For this reason, before proceeding with the official application, we strongly  recommend you  to self-evaluate your skills answering several multiple choice questions that are included in the following level test.

The level test will help you understand if you possess the basic skills required to successfully attend the Medical Biotechnologies Course. The test mainly focuses on biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, anatomy and immuno-pathology.

Please understand that this self-assessment test is strongly encouraged, though it is not an absolute requirement for applying to the Master Degree. The test is intended to help you assess your groundwork in the context of the biological sciences and make the best choice for your future studies (consider a good result 70% of correct answers).

In case your performance with the self-assessment test is unsatisfactory, you may choose to postpone your application to future years. Should you choose to go ahead with the application anyhow, your are encouraged to study since now, in your country of origin, the subjects that you need most., Be also aware that, before the beginning of the official classes, some optional basic courses will be activated, in order to reach, in case of need, the adequate training to positively attend the Master Degree program.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any question that you might have.