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Driveway closure Caserma Perrone in Novara (via Passalacqua)

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On Friday 3 March 2023, starting from around 10:00 onwards, the "main" driveway entrance at the ENTRANCE from via Passalacqua n. 9, will be CLOSED for functional tests, initial start-up and testing of the new entrance bars. For ENTRANCE to the car park, you will have to use the door from via Passalacqua at number 7, which is closed these days.

Also on Friday 3 March, the door in via Passalacqua 7 will then be CLOSED again - these days closed and NOT used, again for operating tests and inspections.

The car exit remains UNCHANGED, which should use the EMERGENCY EXIT door towards the LARGO ALPINI D'ITALIA public car park.

Please observe the signs posted on site. Below are two explanatory floor plans:



Last modified 28 February 2023