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Digital Library

We offer users a wide range of e-resources (databanks, e-journals, ebooks, etc.) in the biomedical and nursing fields.
In this section we explain to you how to access each resource.

If you are an authorised user (student, researcher, staff member, technical-administrative staff member pertaining to one of the 2 departments) you can also access the resources outside the University network, via the Off-Campus service. To do so, you must log in with your university credentials.
For any problems, you can contact the IT Laboratory of the School of Medicine.

Most of the available e-resources are registered to the University. On the page Digital Library of the ULS   you can find all the information necessary for accessing the e-resources available from the University Library System.

For more information and/or explanations about the available resources, write to to make an appointment.

Bibliographic resources dedicated to degree programmes for the Health Professions

With the decree of 28 December 2017, no. 11-6321 the Regional Council entrusted the Digital Library for Piedmont Health (BVS-P) with the acquisition of e-journals and databanks for use by students on Piedmont Degree courses for Professional Health. The BVS-P, via the Local Health Authority of Biella, uploaded the necessary resources and tools for their use to For more information, see BVS-P Professioni Sanitarie.

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