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Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy

Course Type Bachelor’s degree

Academic year 2022/2023

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Scuola di Medicina



Course Chair:

• Prof. Marco Invernizzi

The first appointment of the academic year dedicated to you, new student, is "Welcome, Freshers!".

These welcome days are useful for finding your way around and getting to know Department professors and staff, for introducing subjects and for receiving information on course organisation.

A direct look at the practical aspects of university life: from lesson times to the services that the University offers.

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Degree courses in rehabilitation health professions (L-SNT/2).

Course Chair : Prof. Marco Invernizzi:

Course admission is subject to restricted numbers. Applicants must hold a high school diploma and then pass an entrance test.

To contact the admin offices, use the UPO risponde service.

The duration of the physiotherapy degree course is 3 years. The teaching activities are divided into 180 total credits, of which at least 54 are to be acquired in training activities aimed at developing specific professional skills.

The degree in Physiotherapy aims to provide the student with the essential knowledge to practice the profession of Physiotherapist, on the basis of rules for the relative professional profile laid down by the Ministry of Health MD no. 741 of 09.14.94.

Graduates are health professionals, who autonomously carry out activities aimed at prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation in the areas of motor skills, superior cortical and visceral functions resulting from pathological events, with various congenital or acquired aetiology of the child, adult, sportsperson or senior citizen. The course lasts 3 years; the teaching activities are divided into 180 ECTS of which 60 are gained in practical training in hospital wards, territory, kindergartens.

The course is divided into semesters, with a theoretical path (basic, characterising and professionalising modules) and an internship. Exam sessions take place in February, July and September. The internship locations are both in Novara and in other regional and non-regional locations, to provide varied professionalising experiences. After graduation there is the possibility of pursuing the master’s degree and / or specialising master’s. Job opportunities are available in hospitals, regional and private health structures, freelance activity and home care.




Last modified 17 June 2023