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Degree course in Dental Hygiene

Course Type Bachelor’s degree

Academic year 2022/2023

Membership structure
Scuola di Medicina

Chair of the Course Council: Prof. Pier Luigi Foglio Bonda

The first appointment of the academic year dedicated to you, new student, is "Welcome, Freshers!".

These welcome days are useful for finding your way around and getting to know Department professors and staff, for introducing subjects and for receiving information on course organisation.

A direct look at the practical aspects of university life: from lesson times to the services that the University offers.

Calendar and classroom: 

Personal data sheet:

Guidelines for compulsory preventive visit:

All newly-enrolled students in the degree course in Dental Hygiene are obliged, under penalty of forfeiture, to undergo assessment of psychophysical suitability for the activities of the professionalising internship.

These assessments will be carried out at the S.S.D. Occupational Medicine of the A.O.U. Maggiore della Carità di Novara. Below is the procedure for booking:

Instructions for preventive visit for 1st-year students

Path to reach S.S.D. Occupational Medicine


Degree programmes in Technical Health Professions (L-SNT/3).


The duration of the degree in Dental Hygiene is 3 years. The teaching activities are divided into 180 total credits, of which at least 52 are to be acquired in training activities aimed at developing specific professional skills.

The course includes theoretical training activities regarding Medical Sciences, Dentistry and Dental Hygiene and practices regarding the latter (the details of which are reported in the Teaching Plan).

In addition to this, the course includes training activities aimed at preparing graduates in the management of the doctor-patient interpersonal relationship, and the future work activity also in administrative and management issues. In fact, courses in psychology, pedagogy, English, computer science and business economics are provided.

The course is based in Novara where all the theoretical training activities take place.

Practical activities take place at the Maggiore della Carità University Hospital in Novara and at the Vercelli ASL.

The course is restricted in number. The entry requirements for the course are the possession of a high school diploma and the passing of an admission test.

To contact the administrative offices, use the UPO risponde service.


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Last modified 28 March 2023