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Degree in Professional Health Education

Course Type Bachelor’s degree

Academic year 2022/2023

Membership structure
Scuola di Medicina

Degree category: Health and Rehabilitation Professions (L/SNT2)

The course is state-controlled, with restricted number admission. The entry requirements for the degree program are: possession of a high school diploma and passing the admission test. For more information on the enrolment process, use the UPO risponde platform.

The degree in Professional Health Education qualifies graduates to work as Professional Health Educators with the duties laid down by the ministerial decree of the Ministry of Health 8 October 1998 no. 520 and subsequent amendments and additions.

The course is held in Alessandria.

A professional educator is the social and health worker who implements specific educational and rehabilitation projects, as part of a therapeutic project developed by a multidisciplinary team, aimed at balanced development of the individual with educational/relational objectives in a context of participation and restoral to everyday life; an educator fosters the positive insertion or psychosocial reintegration of vulnerable individuals.

The professional educator plays a key role in numerous educational and rehabilitative initiatives within the social, health, socio-health, rehabilitation and socio-educational services.

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Last modified 28 March 2023