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Placement Tests for Bachelor degrees in Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences

English Placement Test 2021-2022

All the instructions (Confirmation of certificates, Forms and Guidelines on procedure) for the Placement Tests can be found on the  CLUPO website.

Students who do not have approved language certification upon enrolment are required to take the Placement Test during the first semester of the academic year of enrolment. The tests will be held online.

Students who have already taken the Placement Test for another UPO course cannot re-take it.

To request exemption from the Placement Test, you must send the necessary certification using the system UPORisponde 

In the event that, by 06 December 2021, the student obtains a certificate that satisfies points 1 and 3 stated in the above link, he/she may request its recognition and confirmation.

  • Having checked the certificates submitted for approval, in order to request recognition/confirmation of the mark in English as an English language exam to be included in one's study plan and thus be exempted from taking the exam, the student must:
  1. Complete form "Module 104 - approval of educational credits" (without a physical tax stamp) 
  2. Send the form via UPORisponde 

Students of 2nd and 3rd year cannot present a request for recognition of an English certificate.


MOD 104-20 - riconoscimento dei crediti formativi
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Linee guida Placement Test 
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Last modified 14 July 2022